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spymaster proSpyMaster Pro Review – In so many cases, you need to use mobile tracking solution. This program is useful to monitor kids or employee phone’s mobile activities. Installing the program in your kid’s or employee’s phone allows you to check the activities occurred in the phone such as incoming and outgoing telephone call, sent and received SMS, email, internet browsing, and much more. There are many options of mobile tracking solution available in the market. These are including Spy Master Pro. This program is more recommended than other programs because it stands out from other companies in comparison to features and pricing. It is also designed in the simplest and most efficient way.

As basic information, Spy Master Pro is the top specialist in providing tablet and mobile phone tracking solutions. The company offers the best technology in cell monitoring while ensuring the customers to enjoy easy operation. The easy operation comes from user-friendly interface. The company has the mission to provide top quality customer service for the customer. To execute this mission, the company hires dedicated team of people who are always ready to receive your queries. Purchasing this application allows you to get support from one of the most pioneering companies. Spy Master Pro is committed to give top quality user experience for the customer.


There are many features which are available in Spy Master Pro. The first feature is call tracking ability. The main function of the feature is checking and monitoring the your kid or employee phone’s call activity. The program gives you the report on the numbers they have received the calls. You can also get the information on dialed or received calls from each number at any particular date range. The program provides information on duration of each call and person’s name in the report. If your kid or employee saves the number with certain name and information, you will also get this information.

msg-send_recivingNot only call tracking, but the program is also working to track SMS. The program features SMS tracking function. It will track SMS which is sent and received by kid’s or employee’s phone. The program will store all messages in your Spy Master Pro account. This account is made when you are installing the program. You do not need to worry in case your kid’s or employee’s is deleting the message. It is because the program is able to retrieve deleted messages. You will have the record of the messages in your account.

Spy Master Pro comes with GPS Location Tracking. The program is designed with Google Maps integration allowing users to track the exact location of the children’s phone. In performing this function, you just need to login to your account and check the location of the children’s phone. You are able to know whether your child really studies in library or wanders to other places. The program delivers the information in real time.

Another feature which is available in Spy Master Pro is email tracking. The program is working to create logs for incoming and outgoing mails. You will be able to check the information which is sent and received through mails. The mail records will be sent to your Spy Master Pro account. When you are installing Spy Master Pro in kid’s or employee’s phone, you can get the access to the phone book. You are able to check which numbers stored in the phone book.

Spy Master Pro also allows users to track URL. Each website visited by the kid or employee will be recorded with the program. You will get each detail of the URL delivered in your account. If you think those are all features available in the program, you are wrong. The program offers the ability to track photo. Photo tracking function is working to track on the photos which are sent and received on the phone. You can also track the photos which are taken by the device.

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social-media_new1In this present day, there are many mobile phone users who are using WhatsApp application. Due to this reason, SpyMaster Pro is equipped with WhatsApp Tracking. The feature allows you to read whole conversation threads of your kid or employee. It is also working to track shared photos and videos with their date and time. If your kid or employee is using Viber application, you do not need to worry since it comes with Viber Tracking feature. The program will track chat logs, user call, and received photos with date and time. The program is designed to be compatible with iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone.

The company also designed SpyMaster Pro with Facebook Messenger tracking. You are able to track all record Facebook chat conversations. It is all done remotely with their exact time and date. It is even better since it comes with call listening ability. Installing SpyMaster Pro allows the users to listen to live calls in real time. You are able to listen to the calls and record them to get solid proof.

You can also enjoy surround listening function. When your kid or employee is having conversations with other people, you can also listen to the conversations. The surround listening feature allows users to record the conversations occurred. It changes the kid’s or employee’s phone into bug devices. All recording will be uploaded to your account.

There are many benefits which you can get from SpyMaster Pro. The first advantage is the program is working secretly. The company has designed the program to be undetectable. Your kid or employee will not notice any suspicious activity in their phone since it does not leave any trace. Once you have installed the program into the kid’s or employee’s phone, they will not trace the software in the phone. The program supports various phone models. It is working with almost 99% of smart phones available in the market. These are including BlackBerry too.

SpyMaster Pro is designed for some people. These are including parents who worry over their children or employers who are suspicious over their employee for selling the company’s secret. You just need to purchase the program and login to members lounge before installing the program into kid’s or employee’s phone. If you have done installing the program in kid’s or employee’s phone, you can start to monitor your kids or employees.

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