How Spymaster Pro Works

howSpyMaster Pro can be the best option for parents who are looking for a way to check their children or for the company owner who want to monitor their employees continuously. The program is mobile phone monitoring program. It is known that people depend a lot on their mobile phone. They are using the tool to communicate with people, write their schedule, send email and text message, take picture, browse internet, and much more. By monitoring their mobile phone, you will get information on kid’s activity every day. This monitoring program can be more affordable and efficient solution than hiring private investigator and installing surveillance system. The program will record information on all activities in the kid’s phone starting phone call, text messages, and much more. Before using this program, you might be wondering how SpyMaster Pro works.

Users are recommended to ensure first whether their kid’s or employee’s phone is compatible with the program or not. The program is designed to be compatible with any model of iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile Phone, Symbian and Android. It also supports all networks. However, it is better for you to check first on the Supported Phones section. If you already get the answer on the compatibility of the kid’s or employee’s phone, you can purchase the program on Buy Now option on the website. After purchasing the program, you should install the program on the phone. You can follow the procedure of installation by visiting at the page How to Install SpyMaster Pro.

The installation process of SpyMaster Pro in the kid’s or employee’s phone is followed by uploading of the data on SpyMaster Pro servers. It can be completed in few minutes. As the addition to data stored in the phones, the preferred settings of the phones can get saved on the servers of SpyMaster Pro. If there is new activity occurs at kid’s or employee’s phone, it will be stored on the said servers in the real time. Users will be able to view the details of the data tracked in the kid’s or employee’s phone by logging into the account. To make it simple, you just need to install the program on the kid’s or employee’s phone. The commands which you forward will be recorded and server will work accordingly. You will be able to find all spied details on your PC.

After you are buy this cell phone software, you will get username and passwords for your account. This account is the place where the information from kid’s or employee’s phone is stored. You will be able to view all tracked data if you are login into your account. SpyMaster Pro offers you the dashboard with all tabs like SMS logs, emails, phonebook, Geo location, URL Tracking, Photo Tracking, and Call Logs. Each tab offers tracked data which is uploaded from kid’s or employee’s phone in real time related to the featured offered.

If you are clicking the Call Log tab, you will be guided to call records against every contact name while being inclusive of other details. The dashboard also features SMS Log which will display all details with the text exchanged. The good thing about the program is the ability to retrieve the message although the kid has deleted the messages. Nowadays, many people are using WhatsApp application. The program will also track WhatsApp conversation including incoming and outgoing text messages, shared images, and videos. SpyMaster Pro also includes the information on person name and cell phone number including the date.

The program provides the detailed information on email log such as date, time, name, subject, and attachment if there is any. It is possible for you get the access to contacts which are saved by the user. If there is any additional information, you will also get the detail. SpyMaster Pro also offers other abilities including tracking URL History, recorded calls, photos, and much more.

In case, you need any help or have any question, you can mail the company on The customer support team is always ready to serve you and help you. By using the program, you are able to listen to the calls in the real time made or received on the user’s phone. It is even better since SpyMaster Pro is working secretly. You will not need to worry that your kid’s or employee’s will notice about the program operation.