SpyMaster Pro FAQ


What is exactly SpyMaster Pro?
SpyMaster Pro is advanced cell phone monitoring program which allows the users to track mobile phone activities. These are including phone call, message, phone book, email, Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook, and much more. It is working to record kid or employee phone’s activities before sending it to the users.

Is it difficult to install and use SpyMaster Pro?
It is far from difficult. The company has designed the program with easy installation. You will need only few minutes and follow the instructions given by the company. These instructions can be followed easily. The company has delivered very clear instruction in installing the program step by step. You are recommended to go to How To Install section to get more information in installation progress.

I wonder whether the program is working in my country or not. Is it working in my country?
You can rest assured since SpyMaster Pro is working in any country in the world except in continental China.

How SpyMaster Pro works?
First, it is important for you to check whether kid’s or employee’s phone is compatible with SpyMaster Pro in their supported phone section on this link. If you have done, you can visit How SpyMaster Pro work.

Does SpyMaster Pro have the ability to monitor more than a mobile phone?
By using subscription of SpyMaster Pro, you are only able to use the program to monitor one phone at a time. You need to purchase the program for each phone which you are going to monitor.

After installing the program, do I need to make any change in my cell phone?
You do not need to worry since the program does not need you to make any modification on your mobile phone. The program also does not interrupt the phone’s operation.

What is technology used by SpyMaster Pro to monitor the phone?
The program operated in action. It will not interrupt the phone’s operation. It will store every second in XML sheet on the server. By using this XML sheet, necessary and related information will be updated in your account. You will be able to check your account anytime. Users will get account details which are including unique license number, username, and password to manage the users’ area. These details are available for you after you made payment. You need to install the program on kid’s or employee’s phone and keep the track by logging in the user account area. Use your username and password to log into your account. Username and password will be delivered to your email.

In case, I face problem and question, where shall I contact you?
The company is working 24/7 for customers. You can contact them via email at support@spymasterpro.com.

After making payment, how can I get the program?
After making the payment, you can download SpyMaster Pro instantly. SpyMaster Pro is digital product which is not delivered at your doorstep like other physical products. You just need to download and install it.

Will my credit card detail show that I have made payment to SpyMaster Pro?
No. Your credit card or bank statement will inform that payment has been made to Netzens.

In case , I want to upgrade the program, what is the cost?
If you want to upgrade the software in the future, the company will not charge for any upgrade fee as you are already registered.

After installing the program in the phone, will the phone realize whether I have installed program on it?
You can rest assured since the program is working secretly. It is completely non traceable. Your kid’s or employee’s will not identify the program in their phone. The program is guaranteed to work 100% stealth.

If the kid’s or employee’s phone is iPhone and it is not jail broken, am I still able to install the software on it?
No. The kid’s or employee’s phone should be jail broken first before software installation. You need to ensure that the iPhone is jail broken first.

What if I am not happy with software operation after I have bought it?
Anytime, you can email us about your problem. If we are not able to solve the problem or the software simply does not work on kid’s or employee’s phone accordingly, you will get your money refunded.

Does SpyMaster Pro work with any cell phone type?
SpyMaster Pro is designed to be working with every cell phone type. However, you have to pre-check the following points before purchasing the program. First, you need to check the cell phone compatibility with SpyMaster Pro program. You also need to have internet access on the kid’s or employee’s cell phone.

What type of payment methods which are accepted by SpyMaster Pro?
We accept various major payment methods. These are including American Visa Card, MasterCard, Discover Novan Express, PayPal, JCB, Fax, Diners Club, and Bank Wire Transfer.

What information I can get with Whatsapp feature for Android devices?
SpyMaster Pro allows the users to check shared images and videos, group chat, and sent and received messages. You are able to check all details in SpyMaster Pro Whatsapp section through login.

What Facebook activities which I can see with SpyMaster Pro?
The program is working to track all sent and received messages through Facebook Messenger.

Is it capable to monitor Viber activities? Which Viber activities I can see with this program?
The program is tracking sent and received messages, group chat messages, and incoming and outgoing call details in viber.

What is your refund policy?
Spymaster Pro is protected by 30 days moneyback guarantee.

What is the duration of the subscription? Is it necessary for you to renew the subscription?
The program can be purchased for one cellphone only. The duration of tracking service is 1 year. If you still want to continue with the tracking service, you need to purchase new subscription. It is because there is no renewal of your former subscription.

What is the process of installing SpyMaster Pro on other smartphones?
The installation process for all smartphones is similar to Android installation. You are recommended to visit the official website to get more information on the installation.

Is Whatsapp spy software different from your spyware?
No. SpyMaster Pro is software package. It comes with WhatsApp monitoring feature. It is one of the monitoring tools from our company. Purchase the program will not only allow you to get WhatsApp Monitoring Software but other applications.
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